Managed Services

Our Managed Services are by far our client's most popular.

YEG Smart Hands 

First-class onsite technical assistance. Save time, travel and resources by having YEG act as your virtual technician. 
Our highly skilled and experienced technicians that manage our world-class facilities, are those delivering YEG Smart Hands assistance to our customers. We offer a wide range of support options customisable for each visit. 
This includes managing deliveries and installations, preparing equipment to ship, performing an audit, undertaking a fault investigation or simply escorting a contractor on your behalf, our team on the ground are there to support you when you can’t be. 


Pre-Sales Engineering Design Services 

We can provide infrastructure design and support as part of the proposal process to enable accurate planning and costing for custom environments.  

Our engineers have many years' experience in designing datacentre and associated infrastructure. They bring a wealth of understand and experience in infrastructure design with particular expertise in networking and data communications. 

Project Management 

Moving into a new datacentre is a complex task with multiple elements to coordinate including deliveries and infrastructure build, testing and commissioning. We have highly experienced technical project managers available for manage your installation. They will engage throughout the entire process, planning your transition to YEG. 

Full Data Centre Migration 

  •  Certified project management team and qualified specialist partners to manage your full data centre migration
  •  Years of experience in successfully migrating ICT equipment maintaining continuity of service throughout.
  •  We will develop detailed plans, asset manifest and risk management strategies in consultation with your team. We ensure that equipment is protected at all times and that priority is given to the safe and efficient migration within project timeframes.

Certifications & Standards

YEG has in place an effective Quality Management System to benefit all stakeholders and customer confidence through improved risk management, operational effectiveness and efficiency.