About Us

First Rate Data Center 
YEG Web Hosting is based out of three distinct Data Center locations, which operate under the highest industry standards. 
High Proficiency: Each of our data centers is equipped with the necessary tools to offer the greatest service possible to our customers. With multiple fiber trunks, a diversity of power sources and diesel-fueled generators as backups: we apply the principle of redundancy to each location to ensure that your connectivity and site performance is at it maximum capacity and dependability. 

Service: We offer 24-hour service and maintenance combining systems management with industry-trained employees who specialize in monitoring these kinds of systems and networks. 

Security: Our Centers are custom designed to keep our systems running safely and securely. With raised floors, HVAC systems operating on separate cooling zones, racks designed to handle seismic activity and a fire detection and suppression system: we believe we offer the peace of mind you need and deserve. 

Confidentiality: Your information is safe from prying eyes with our round-the-clock video monitoring, Biometric scans at every access point, and alarms for security breaches. We have some of the most powerful protection available in the industry because your privacy is important to us. 

All of this combines to offer you a company that provides the necessary physical and technical support to enable you to reliably complete your valuable and critical Web-based operations. 

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Performance Standards
We know that getting the highest speeds possible is important to our clients. We use only the best bandwidth providers such as: Level3, Global Crossing, AT&T and UUNET. Each of these providers has a global reputation for both excellent performance and peering capabilities. With our commitment to a bandwidth utilization rate of only 30% all the time, we are able to offer the additional headroom of 70%, which enables us to successfully maintain performance levels without a drop is the quality of service.

As we have stated previously, YEG Web Hosting is committed to guaranteeing you the best service possible in the industry. We do this by offering the highest quality, and carefully chosen products. Our security and proven dependability provide you with a company you can rely on.

Our Uptime Guarantee
We realize that when it comes to doing business online, downtime can be a huge detriment to your bottom line. YEG Web Hosting has the experience and expertise to be able to guarantee and uptime of 99.9% to every customer. 

Free Programming Support Service
Need help with putting up that website? We are able to offer basic programming support at no cost to you. Thanks to our network of programmers and developers this basic programming includes such services as:Basic debugging, Programming consultation, Simple code fixes.

Most Competitive Prices in the Industry
YEG Web Hosting has consistently been able to offer some of the most competitive prices in the hosting industry. We do this by purchasing our equipment up front and utilizing word of mouth advertising. This allows us to run debt free, and saves millions on advertising and marketing. All of these savings are passed down to the consumer, which produces a company that provides cutting edge technology at affordable prices, while still allowing us to be successful and profitable.

A Stable Company
We are one of today's fastest growing hosting companies in the industry. We are also one of the few that operates debt free. With customers exceeding 170,000 and more joining every day, we are poised to grow even faster in the near future. We are privately owned and have not outside investors. This allows for a consolidated 

A Stable Team
Here at YEG Web Hosting, we are constantly on the lookout to add employees with the knowledge and skill to keep us on the right track. The majority of those working our 1st level support team possess a B.S. in either Computer Science or Networking. The 2nd level support staff is made up of senior software developers and network technicians that possess at least a decade of experience. With one of the best support teams in the industry, we are ready to handle your support problems quickly and efficiently. 

Delivers The Best!
Our customers' needs are important to us. By listening to their feedback we are able to provide the best service at a great price. At YEG Web Hosting our CEO has set the standard by making himself available to both customers and non-customers alike, and still handles customer service issues when needed.

Certifications & Standards

YEG has in place an effective Quality Management System to benefit all stakeholders and customer confidence through improved risk management, operational effectiveness and efficiency.